Steeple Renovation – City of Norcross

The project started as the renovation of the Methodist Church Chapel’s steeples for the City of Norcross. The 145-year old Chapel currently houses the City’s Playhouse Theater and Community Center. The project consisted of: disassembling the existing exterior and rebuilding the rotted framework for the steeples, demolish/remove existing shingle roofing with replacing with a patina metal roofing, installation exterior Hardy trim & siding to match existing material of steeples, louvers, vents, and corbels, repair/re-establish roof tie ins to the main roof of Playhouse to eliminate all leaking issues in and around the main roof, waterproofing, paint, and caulking. The additional scope for replacement of 4100 SF of the chapel’s yellow pine siding, fascia boards, window casings, and sills, with installation of R-19 batt insulation in the exterior walls were added to the contract, along with patching and refinishing of all the hardwood flooring in the Community Center.

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