Elton John Private Art Gallery

HEI was contracted to demolish a one-bedroom condominium in Park Place and convert the space into an Art Gallery for Elton John’s famous photograph collection. The existing master bathroom was completely removed and all plumbing and HVAC risers capped. The 2100 SF of floor area was soundproofed and covered in striated white ceramic tile. Throughout the gallery, drywall soffits were constructed to encapsulate directional monopoint lighting. Walls and finish trim were painted stark white for dramatic effect as well as the massive custom millwork storage cabinets that line the demising walls. The kitchen area was converted into a small reference library filled with rows of painted cabinetry shelving. Elton’s art curator positions her desk in front of one of the massive windows that overlooks beautiful downtown Atlanta.

Photos courtesy of Buckhead Online and Peta Pixel

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