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The College of Arts & Sciences relocated the school’s administration office from 1655 N Decatur Road to the 1784 N Decatur Road building. HEI simultaneously renovated both locations: a two-story, 3500 SF, turn of the century house located at 1655 N Decatur and 8500 SF of existing classroom space located at 1784 N Decatur Road.

The house, previous location for the College of Arts and Science administration office, required several adaptions for unforeseen existing framing issues and modifications required to bring the space up to code compliance. Modifications included installation of a new fire alarm system and panel, ADA restroom, breakroom, kitchen, lighting, millwork, and an update of all the finishes.  The building did not have an elevator, therefore all 2nd-floor material had to be manually hauled up at narrow staircase to the second floor.

The renovated administration offices located in the 1784 building is comprised of large open office areas, perimeter offices, and reconfigured breakroom/kitchen areas. The new space was created from a mixture of existing classrooms, lab, and office areas.

Both projects experienced a delay of three weeks after demolition, due to budget approvals.  HEI was able to recapture this lost time and complete both projects within the original schedule. In addition, the Owner was able to take advantage of additional desired upgrades due to a contingency surplus.

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