Emory University – O. Wayne Rollins Bio Connector – Electron Microscopy Labs

The Bio Connector Microscopy Lab Renovation project was a conversion of an existing lab space into a highly functional area to house two electron microscopes, support equipment, and specimen laboratory areas.  The extremely sensitive microscopes required special construction elements, including sound isolation barriers, vibration isolation, magnetic isolation, electrostatic dissipative flooring, and a new dedicated HVAC unit to precisely control humidity and temperature. The dedicated HVAC unit required new steam lines that had to be installed above ceilings in an operational library, with a minimal amount of disturbance.

This complex project required the engineering and coordination of all the components to ensure these new microscopes worked properly. As the project is located in the O Wayne Rollins Bio-Connector tunnel, there were no direct routes for material delivery and no areas for storage or lay down.  It was surrounded by other operating labs and animal research facilities, which further complicated operations. 

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