Emory University – O. Wayne Rollins – Research Building – 2152 Research Lab

The 2152 Research Laboratory project, located on the 2nd Floor of O. Wayne Rollins Research Building, created new procedure rooms, research lab and surgical areas. All existing electrical and mechanical systems were demolished. Welded stainless-steel ductwork, with a negative pressure air exhaust system, supply the new fume hood and downdraft surgical table. The space received illuminating LED light fixtures and a new clean room ceiling system and tiles. Procedure rooms, requiring total darkness for animal research, were fitted with special RED lighting that is only visible to the human eye. A new gas piped network supplies oxygen, compressed clean air and vacuum air to each procedure room and work bench area. Repurposed Lab casework, from abandoned labs in other areas of the building, was reutilized in the procedure rooms. Keeping construction noise to a minimum was a critical factor in keeping the surrounding research labs operational. Emory opted for the installation of welded seamless vinyl flooring, with an integral 6” cove base, throughout the lab for ease of cleaning by the building maintenance department. The critical completion date was met and the Emory research doctor took ownership and started tenure on the date committed by HEI.

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