Georgia Institute of Technology / Task Order Projects

HEI successfully completed a total of twenty-one miscellaneous renovation projects, ranging from $1,000 to $600,000 in price, through-out the campus between 2011- 2012. HEI has a history of delivering technically challenging, fast-track project. HEI and their subcontractors maintain a high level of professionalism and respect when working around the students and faculty. Campus employees are notified of potential noise, vibration or dust producing work and if possible, work is performed before or after hours.

 Georgia Institute of Technology / Student Center / Back of House Renovation

HEI performed a renovation and upgrade to meet new COA Health Department codes in the Student Center back-of-house kitchen support areas during a three-week December holiday break, while partially occupied. The project required a complex out of sequence schedule to complete the scope of work in the time required by the owner. The existing concrete floors required stripping, cleaning, sealing and epoxy striping. It was necessary to complete all electrical, mechanical and drywall, acoustical and painting one week prior to work on the floors. The third week the finished floors were protection for installation of acoustical tile, electrical trim out, mechanical trim and corner guard installation. 

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