Landscape Architect Office Renovation – Gardens to Love

HEI transformed a 1920’s bungalow house with an attached masonry warehouse into a commercial landscape Architect’s office and storage facility. The house structure was gutted, leaving only two exterior walls and the existing roof system. The roof had to be shored up for replacement of the center load bearing beam with an eight inch laminated beam.

Due to extensive termite and water damage, a third of the roof and floor joists along with the wall framing had to be replaced. After completing the structural repairs, the first and second floors were finished in drywall, acoustical ceilings, and VCT. The exterior façade of both the house and warehouse were clad in corrugated metal siding. Glass block was installed in lieu of a storefront entry.

Due to excessive amounts of run off from higher neighboring lots, both building foundation walls were waterproofed, a trench drain installed encircling the building along with new shingled roofs.  The project was a visually pleasing and functional transformation.

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