Georgia State University / Decatur Campus Quad

Georgia State University – Perimeter Location – SA Quad Renovation

HEI performed the SA Quad Renovation located on the Decatur Campus for the Georgia Perimeter College. 17,000 SF of existing aggregate sidewalks were removed and replaced with concrete paving and precast pavers. Cast in place header walls were installed throughout the project separating landscaped area from public areas. Positive drainage of all hard surfaces, with no more than a 2% slope to drain, was an extremely important requirement by the college. HEI worked closely with HGOR/Landscape Architects and GPC Architects to achieve the necessary grad changes, while still maintaining the Landscape design. HEI discovered 100 LF of 10” round corrugated metal piping that required replacement due to excessive amounts of tree roots infiltrating the metal piping and compromising the integrity of the pipes. Beautiful radius and elliptical granite rubble walls with slid granite caps were installed in the paver areas to offer students and faculty a serine place to conduct a class or to study. Magnolia and Plum Yem trees provide height and the Bounty Mountain Hydrangea add color to soften ad counter the hard surfaces.

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