ZOO Atlanta / Bengal Tiger & Sun Bear Exhibits and Holding Facilities

New Building Exhibit Addition and Holding Facility Renovation for Tigers and Sun Bears. Renovation of Hornbill Holding Facility and Exhibit.

The project consisted of the renovation of a forty-year old Tiger Holding Facility and the addition of a two-story Sun Bear Holding Facility and new exhibit areas for both. The construction project also included an exotic bird, or Hornbill Holding facility and exhibit. The existing Tiger Holding building was gutted to receive new lighting and cooling system. The trusses and roofing system was structurally modified to receive a rooftop unit. The building’s interior exposed roof and CMU walls were insulated and clad with fiberboard to meet an R13 rating. Additionally, the exterior walls were clad with insulation and hard-coat stucco. The south elevation of the Tiger Holding building was removed and temporally shored to tie in the new two-story masonry and wood-framed Bear Holding building. New bear caging was installed on the first floor. An upper-level viewing terrace was constructed of timber roof trusses, wood floor decking with a tongue and groove ceiling. Sanitary and storm infrastructure for the exhibits ran sixty feet across the site and underneath the new building pad with the deepest manhole located at twenty feet below grade. Eighteen- foot architectural concrete block walls topped with cantilevered metal fencing and hot wire were constructed to surround the exhibits.

Minor Miscellaneous Zoo projects:

Zoo Educational Conservatory Entrance

The project included minor excavation, concrete work, stone columns, card readers and ornamental iron gates.

Wildlife Theater

Reworked and replaced theater wooden benches

Concrete Sidewalks

HEI installed colored, artifact embossed concrete sidewalks

***All Zoo projects were performed during operational hours. Because of the General Public, HEI took extreme safety precautions when using equipment and transporting materials through the Zoo. When necessary, work areas were taped off and monitored by a competent safety person, to ensure the public’s safety. The animals were considered the “client” and HEI employees and subcontractors maintained strict adherence to a NO Interaction with the animals rule.

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